There is a battle raging all around us, in our cities, in our families, at our workplace, and in our schools.  Hearts of men, women and children are at the embrace of the enemy and he has come to kill, steal and destroy them. Jesus prayed for the church and is thrusting out you as a Messenger to save, heal, deliver and disciple. Luke 9 Mandate training is designed to take you to the next level, to walking out a lifestyle mission and releasing the Kingdom of God everywhere you go as seen in Book of Acts. During this eight-week intense discipleship experience, you will be transformed.

Find out who you really are.  Grow in intimacy with God. Learn to hear His voice. Overcome your fear. Preach the gospel. Heal the sick. Raise the dead. Cast out demons. Partner with the Heart of the Father to see souls saved and set free.


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