Prophetic History
In 2013 a small team felt the Lord was calling them to reach out to people groups that haven’t heard the gospel throughout Minneapolis by combining 24-hour worship and prayer and 24-hour evangelism. At that outreach, they experienced the book of Acts and saw many launched into a lifestyle of releasing the Kingdom of God.
We are grateful to God that brought an amazing team to NYC back in 2015 for a citywide outreach of 24/7 worship, prayer, and evangelism. Steven Uggen, Jed Lindstrom, Olga Calvo, Curtis Clements, and countless others from other cities came here and partnered with God’s heart to lead worship, prayer, and missions that week. They taught, modeled, and activated NYC believers to labor in the harvest fields filled with a burning heart of love for the lost.

Teresa Ashkinazi, NYC/NJ

There are times in your life when you know something has just happened that will impact and mark your life forever. In 2010, God sent me to a conference where I heard the message of the convergence of the mission and prayer movement. An impartation happened at that conference which awakened a fire in me that remains till this day.

Five years later in October 2015, this team came to evangelize in New York City marrying worship and prayer covering with outreaches and our church was fully engaged. I remember when it had ended I said, “Lord this can not stop.” I soon discovered that many New Yorkers who had participated in this citywide outreach felt the same way. It moved me so much; to see people from all over the U.S. come to my city, sacrifice their time, and give of their finances to help us reach New York City with the gospel. During that week, close to 11,000 people had been engaged. What joy filled my heart! Seeds were sown, watered and many harvested. Over the next two years, with a heart filled with appreciation and a fresh vision for this kind of ministry to reach the lost in our nation, I participated in four short-term mission trips to other U.S. cities through this Movement. I saw the church happening outside the four walls. In Dairy Queen, CVS, parks, college campuses; Jesus was showing up everywhere through us and people were responding.

My husband and I have been in full time ministry for over 35 years. We have served as pastors in Louisiana, New York City, and as missionaries for Jews for Jesus. But something was different about this ministry. No longer was the work just for street evangelists and the young generation. It was the church fulfilling the Great Commission. Businessmen, housewives in their 50’s, young teens, even the shyest people were being awakened to love and were compelled to share their faith with total strangers. Today in 2024, I thank God that here in NYC, it has not stopped and by His grace it never will. As the Director of Love New York 247, I am surrounded by a Love New York team that lives the lifestyle of intimacy and mission. Our joy is not only witnessing souls saved and set free, but seeing believers who were once bound by fear boldly preach the gospel and make disciples. Through Love New York, our hearts have been gripped for the millions who are perishing. We no longer wait for an outreach to happen. We are the outreach everyday – we are messengers of the gospel.

Partner in the Harvest