Love New York 2020

On October 31 – November 7, 2020

Love New York is an opportunity for the church to experience the book of Acts and to grow in hunger to live a lifestyle of intimacy and mission; to do what we were made to do – to know God and make Him known throughout the New York City area.
This year Life Center Church/JHOP at 75 Maiden Lane NYC will be hosting the city-wide altar 24/7 worship and prayer.

Training for City Wide Outreach

Love New York 24/7 Training

Love New York training is an opportunity to grow in partnering with the Lord to invite people into the Kingdom of God and is required for anyone who is going to be participating in Love New York outreaches. The training begins with an extended worship experience followed by practical training on Spirit-led ministry as well as outlining how the Love New York outreaches and prayer room work.

Sign Up & Attend a Training

After you sign up for the Fall 2020 24/7 Citywide Outreach you will get a link inviting you to a Love New York training.  You need to attend at least one training event to be part of an outreach.  At training you will be given a list of outreaches which you can sign up for.  We are strongly suggesting that everyone sign up for the launch event and final event and then choose other outreaches in between.  We are also asking each of you to consider doing one late night outreach during the week of Love New York.

You will report to the info desk at the Love New York Firebase and the front of house team will check you in.  If you have not completed training prior to arrival at the Firebase you will be brought to the training room to go through the training (which is available 24/7 after the launch outreach). You do not need to complete the training to participate in the launch event.

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Event Briefing

After you have completed training you will get a Love New York wristband. If you are wearing a wristband you will no longer need to check in at the info desk.

After you have checked in you will report to the briefing room.  There you will be given instructions by the outreach leader. After your briefing is complete you will partner up in teams of two.  We want to intentionally partner those who are stronger messengers with those who don’t yet have confidence sharing their faith. Teams will pick up evangelism materials in the ammo area and then move to the prayer room.

Prayer Room

Teams will spend time in the prayer room (less depending on how far away your outreach location is) and connect to the heart of God.  The prayer room will be staffed with live worship teams and prayer leaders engaged in two-hour sets around the clock.

After your time in the prayer room your teams will move to the outreach location either in personal cars or in transportation provided by Love New York.  Teams will do outreach for approximately two hours and then return to the Firebase to debrief.

We are asking everyone who is part of Love New York to pray about giving a free will offering to support paying for the expenses of the outreach.

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In addition to these live training events we encourage those who want to grow as messengers of the gospel to attend a Jump School or Messenger Boot Camp.