Welcome to the Love New York training resource page. These videos and audio files are here to help you prepare for the Love New York outreach which is October 31 - November 7.

Part 1. Training for Love New York

Everyone who is going to participate in an outreach as part of Love New York must attend one of three live training events. Here are the training dates and locations.

Training no. 1

Tuesday, September 15th from 6p-10p
New York School of Urban Ministry, 31-10 47th Street, Astoria, NY 11103 (Queens)

Training no. 2

Tuesday, October 27th from 6p-10p
Sanctuary Fellowship, 1469 Saint Peters Avenue, Bronx, NY 10461

Training no. 3

Saturday, October 31st from 8a-12p
Justice House of Prayer (firebase), 75 Maiden Lane, New York, NY 10038

If you are unable to attend a live training you may watch the video training below and verify that you have completed it with the registrar by email at info@lovenewyork247.com or in person at the info desk at the firebase during the outreach. You must complete training before participating in Love New York outreaches.

Watch this video to learn the prophetic history of Love New York.

Watch this video to learn how the firebase works.

Watch this video to learn how to know when God is calling you to share the Kingdom of God with someone and how to do it.

Part 2. Consecration

One of the things God has made clear about this outreach is that He wants people to be consecrated. Consecration is about being "set apart" for the outreach. there are two ways we partner with God in consecration. the first is that we take our hearts before the Lord and ask Him to reveal anything that would hinder our intimacy with Him or our effectiveness in the Great Commission. if God shows you things then agree with Him through confession and repentance. we encourage you to do this with a partner. the other powerful spiritual discipline that helps in the consecration process is fasting. please listen to the teaching below on fasting and ask God to lead you into a fast for Love New York.

Walking into Holiness

Listen Online


Listen Online

Part 3. Evangelism

For those who would like additional training on how to partner with the Holy Spirit to share the gospel and invite people into the Kingdom of God please listen to the teaching called intro to encounter. If you are going to share the gospel make sure you know what it is by listening to the message on the message.

Intro to Encounter

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The Message

Listen Online

Part 4. Follow up and discipleship

The entire purpose of Love New York is for new believers to become committed disciples of Jesus. We believe that happens in life giving community. Please use this life giving church directory as a resource to hand out on the streets or to email to new believers as you work with the Lord to get them connected.


We want people to become wholehearted followers of Jesus after they surrender their lives to Him. Please follow the instructions to download the New Believer Survival Kit (NBSK) to your phone and sign up new believers to receive teaching resources designed to help them grow into mature, obedient followers of Jesus.


We need to understand what we are calling people into. We are not trying to get people to pray a prayer but to understand clearly the cost of discipleship and call them to total surrender.

Part 5. Partner Development

Many of you will be raising financial support to come from your city and be part of Love New York. please watch this video. download the instructions. draft a letter and get to work. God is going to provide for you to come and engage New York with the Great Commission.

Instructions. Download these instructions to learn how to raise up a prayer and financial team to send you to New York.


Sample letter. Download this MS Word file and make it your own to send to potential financial and prayer partners. This is the version for those going through Messenger Boot Camp.


Out of state sample letter This one may be helpful for those raising support and coming from across the country.


Part 6. Outreach Tools

We use outreach tools to provide the people we encounter during outreaches an opportunity to continue to seek the Lord and a context for the Holy Spirit to continue to work in them. We don't give away these tools without a relational connection to people. We want to connect with people's hearts and then use these tools to supplement what God is doing. Please listen to them or read through them so that you know what we are going to be handing out during Love New York.

Real Love

Real Love is an evangelism tool with music from Misty Edwards from the International House of Prayer, Jason Upton, Brian and Jenn Johnson from Bethel Redding and Jaeson Mae as well as local artists Paul Anleitner, Joey Stontz and Jesse Abraham.

True Love

True Love is a tool designed specifically with the sexually broken in mind. Most sexual brokenness starts with father wounds. True Love has teaching on the Father's Love, and encounter experience and stories of people who have experienced God's love and healing from sexual brokenness.

How to Know God

We developed the How to Know God booklet because we were looking for a tract type evangelism tool that would take people through a deep surrender and call to repentance as well as clearly explain the baptism of the Holy Spirit. This is the result.